Feedback from Contact Center Agents

“It is difficult to communicate with a customer who is emotionally upset with our service. I learned in the contact center agent workshop how to better understand the customer’s viewpoint, acknowledge their emotion, understand my reaction to their comments and talk to the customer about an agreeable solution. “

“I learned how to manage my emotions when an angry customer calls. I now have skills to pause, reflect, listen and problem solve with my customers.”

“I have more confidence now in how I handle difficult situations and I am looking forward to the team coaching of recorded calls for the first time.”

“I’ve resisted upselling before. I now realize when I suggest an additional product or service I am responding to a customer need that I uncovered when I listened to my customer’s service request.”

Feedback from Contact Center Supervisors

“Understanding emotional intelligence, self awareness & self management will help me with my relationships with contact center agents.”

“I now have the skills to model and coach customer engagement skills with contact center agents.”

“Experiential learning processes gave me opportunities to understand and practice new leadership and empowerment skills.”

“I learned how to respond more effectively to my internal and external customers.”

“This learning experience was a game changer for me. I believe this will be a turning point for me as I become more comfortable with my contact center leadership role.” 

“This leader/coach workshop helped me identify and modify my communication style and responses in my professional and personal life.”

“As a leader/coach, I benefited from the opportunities in the workshop to practice my presentation, coaching and problem solving skills.”

“I appreciated the strategic direction of the contact center leadership course. Contact center leaders who complete this course will leave with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to increase contact center agent and customer engagement.”

“As a contact center leader, I was able to learn and retain coaching skills to help our agents improve their customer engagement conversations.”

Feedback From Contact Center Leaders Responsible For Ongoing Coaching

“Team coaching is not new. At first our people resisted giving up their recorded calls for peer review. They were afraid of the criticism. Once they saw the positive approach to feedback and improvement, they began to see the value.”

“Team coaching is a great time saver and allows us to coach all of our team on a regular basis. We now have a clear model and a clear process. Our managers and agents are being trained to use the Team Coaching Process as they go through the Contact Center Leader and Agent Workshops.”

Feedback From Executive Sponsors of an EPG Contact Center Customer Engagement Initiative

“I am fortunate in my career to have led sales and service organizations in four high performing financial service organizations in Canada and the United States. I have brought Ted Anstedt’s team into every one of them because I know I can count on their results. We gained so much more than we thought each time.

Not only did we improve our Customer Engagement metrics we created a team of change agents at every level of the four organizations. Transformational change is a constant today. You must have a team in place that knows how to navigate their team through each change. EPG knows how to empower contact center agents and leaders.”

“EPG provided three key improvements to our culture. First they taught our leadership team how to communicate change initiatives more effectively to each other and to our teams. Secondly, they developed our contact center leaders and agents, utilizing a very effective, participant centered approach to learning. Finally, and most importantly, they provided our teams with a Group Coaching Process that is a game changer for our company. We now have a team coaching process that agents and leaders have learned and our empowered to use. We are impressed with the sustainable results of our investment.”