Leadership is essential to high levels of engagement. The research indicates that more than 81% of organizations with leaders who emphasize employee engagement are getting it, with more than half of their workforce truly engaged.

It is no surprise that leadership is so important in engagement. Leaders at all levels are the tangible face of an organization and its policies. Leaders are responsible for communicating the vision and shaping the culture of the company. Research indicates that employees’ belief in their leaders is one of the three critical components of employee engagement.The challenge then is how to prepare your managers as engagement leaders.


The development of a culture that inspires employee and customer engagement is a conscious undertaking, and the leadership team is a key component in building and maintaining the culture. The engagement strategy and skills development should engage the managers and empower them to take ownership of the engagement culture and to integrate engagement practices into their system for training, coaching, measuring, and rewarding Agents.

Managers need to be provided with additional skills and tools for ongoing coaching and training of their Agent teams in the engagement concepts and skills, and the skills of emotional and social Intelligence.