Organizations have realized that there is a direct correlation between engaged employees, engaged customers, and shareholder value.

Employee engagement continues to be a big challenge. A recent poll conducted by the Gallup organization showed that only 29% of Canadian employees and US employees are actively engaged, and 54% are not engaged at all. A full 18% are actively disengaged, which means that they are likely to spread their negativity to coworkers and customers. The most expensive employee is the one who quits and stays, spreading a negative message to his peers and customers every day. (http://www.gallup.com/poll/165269/worldwide-employees-engaged-work.aspx)

Customer engagement is viewed by many organizations as more important than product and price as the winning differentiator between them and their competition, and yet many companies find it difficult to create that elusive loyal customer who is a net promoter of their brand and their products.

What are some of the challenges to engagement that result in low engagement scores and that get in the way of high levels of employee and customer engagement?