The 7 Step process provides a number of ideas, tools, and techniques that can be applied in many creative ways in the organization. The on-going process of assimilating these concepts and methods into the organization is often enhanced by the systematic coaching and mentoring of your leadership team by EPG Consultants.

Mentoring and coaching works with leaders in customized ways that acknowledge their individuality and helps them to adapt engagement tools and techniques to their leadership style, their environment,and their team. It helps leaders know themselves better, work more consciously, and apply their engagement leadership skills more effectively. Our role is to help Engagement Leaders more rapidly produce business results through more rapid and effective use of their engagement leadership skills.

Coaches can serve as outsourced suppliers of candor, providing individual leaders with the objective feedback needed to support their growth and adapt to the changing needs of the organization. Coaches can help leaders identify particular positive or negative behaviors and tolink them to corporate goals, values, and results.

Coaching not only increases self-awareness, it is also a form of active learning that transfers essential self-management, empathy, communication, and relationship management skills. Strategic coaching integrates personal development and organizational needs, and can help leaders reduce destructive behaviors, adapt to new responsibilities, enhance teamwork, align individuals to collective goals, facilitate succession, and support organizational change.

Systematic coaching programs that reach teams of managers who have been through the Engagement Leadership program, who have a common engagement vocabulary, and who share a common set of engagement goals, provides a disciplined way for an organization to rapidly achieve its engagement objectives.


We continue to work with the Engagement Leaders to enhance your engagement culture.

As part of the certification process, we introduce the Leaders to the EPG resource library on our website. This includes information that can be used in on-going training and coaching sessions. We can provide additional coaching and training on the effective and on-going use of these resources.

We can provide virtual and face-to-face mentoring and coaching for the leaders during the completion of their certification process.

We can also provide facilitation for follow up meetings which often include getting leader-coaches together to share successes and make recommendations for additional enhancements to the engagement culture.