The Continuity Program is designed to embed the engagement attitudes, skills, and behaviors into the culture and continue to advance a culture of engagement.

Research suggests that there is a formula for skill building and habit formation. Skill building requires training,deliberate practice, coaching and feedback. With these ingredients, skill level in just about any domain will improve. We apply this model to providing your leaders and agents with the tools to embed engagement behaviors.

The Leader-Coaches take the lead role in implementing the continuity program. They continue to reinforce the engagement skills in communications, meetings, trainings, and Agent coaching sessions.

Just like coaches for Olympian athletes or professional sports teams, the Leader-Coaches can use applied sports psychology and a systematic coaching approach to improve performance. Applied sports psychology works with the psychological aspects of performance. The goal of applied sports psychology is to optimize performance and enjoyment through the use of psychological skills, which is a similar objective of the EPG 7 Step Process.

Coaches use a systematic process, which assists the individual to become more aware of their thoughts, actions, and emotions that influence their levels of engagement, their performance, and the engagement of their customers. The 7 Step Process is informed by the findings of high-performance sports psychology as well as the findings of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a form of modern applied psychology that emphasizes the role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. In recent years, it has gained extreme popularity because of the rapid and powerful results. Like our 7 Step Process and our Certification Programs, it relies on specific goals, action plans, behavioral checklists, practice, and systematic feedback to achieve results.


  1. Engagement Leaders coach the Agents using Engagement Skills Toolkits. Once the Engagement Leaders have completed the training they will have the tools and techniques to coach the agents.
  2. Engagement Leaders continue to train the Agents. The Engagement Leaders are trained to do short huddle sessions, group coaching sessions, and training sessions as part of their leadership training. They will also have access to the EPG Leader’s Resources on the EPG website which provides a number of ideas and tools for on-going training and reinforcement.
  3. Engagement Leaders implement & manage Continuity System. The continuity system is designed to reinforce, recognize, and reward behaviors that lead to higher levels of employee and customer engagement. The Engagement Leaders implement and manage this system.