Effective leadership is critical to creating and maintaining high levels of engagement.

The Engagement Leadership Certification Process is a multi-step process. It is designed first to inform the leaders of the vision and components of the engagement culture. Then, it helps them to understand their role in the engagement culture, and to help them to begin to take ownership of engagement.

The process goes on to provide them with the knowledge, the skills, and the preparation and practice needed to become effective engagement leaders. Finally, it provides them with the opportunity to continue to learn by doing the behaviors of engagement leadership.


The Engagement Leadership Certification process typically includes the following:

  1. The Communication Meetings are designed to inform the leadership team of the vision and goals of the engagement culture, the approach that will be used, and their role and responsibility 
    for creating higher levels of employee and customer engagement. It also will preview the skills and tools they will acquire for achieving their objectives. The Communication Meetings with managers are held at various times and locations that best meet the needs of the client. They might be included as part of a monthly or quarterly managers meeting, or a special meeting might be held.
  2. The Communication Materials are used to communicate the purpose and approach of the engagement program are used in the meetings. 
    • The tailored communication materials include an overview Booklet, PowerPoint Slides, and the Pre-Work Assignment for the Engagement Leadership Skills and Agent Engagement Skills Development Workshops. 
    • The tailored Continuity System, which may include the Exceptional Engagement Conversations Call Library, as well as a reward and recognition plan for outstanding performance, is also briefly introduced.
  3. The Engagement Leadership Skills Workshop (ELS) for leaders are held for all of the leaders. These are intensive sessions facilitated by EPG Consultants who use the tailored materials to train the Leaders in the engagement leadership and coaching tools and techniques. Each participant in the ELS workshop is provided with tools they can use long after the workshop is completed. These include a Leader-Coach Guide, a Leader-Coach Kit (PowerPoint Slides; Posters), and an Engagement Skills Leader’s Guide.
  4. The ELS Post-Workshop Skills Application phase after the ELS Workshop completes the Certification Program. It is designed to encourage the Leaders to continue to learn by doing and practicing the engagement leadership skills. They are required to complete and document several engagement skills coaching sessions, and to implement the Continuity System with their team. They may also be asked to facilitate Engagement Skills Workshop training for Agents or to run short engagement skills development sessions.
  5. The Continuity Program is designed to embed the engagement skills into the culture and continue to grow the engagement culture. The Leaders take the lead role in implementing the continuity program and continuing to reinforce it in coaching sessions, communications, meetings, trainings, etc. The skills and techniques taught in the Engagement Skills Workshop are also built into the new hire training.